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Chilly weather combined with snow has crept across the Tri-State area, and for many patients this can mean feeling extra aches and pains due to a common medical condition. Arthritis is referred to as joint inflammation. Joint pains associated with arthritis can be felt in the shoulders, hips, spine (back), and knee areas. Several attributes due to weather fluctuations can cause increased pain for people who suffer from arthritis. These can include:

1) Atmospheric pressure and increased cold weather humidity: this occurs when the atmospheric pressure we feel decreases thereby causing tissues to expand within the body. Often, drops in pressure are followed by rainy wet weather. Many arthritis sufferers often feel increased pain before wet or colder area moves into their environment.

2) Cold weather causes a decrease in physical activity: stiffness often sets in throughout the colder months because the joints become more accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Weather is a natural determination for our decision to go outside or stay indoors.

The Arthritis Foundation stated how women are more likely to develop arthritis. Symptoms include swelling of joints, redness, and chronic pain. The two most common arthritis types are rheumatoid, which is trademarked by inflammation. The second type is mostly degenerative, and is labeled as osteoarthritis. Although a form of juvenile arthritis does exist, these two previous mentioned types can typically effect people who are 65 or older, or those who have worn down their cartilage through sports or injuries.

Treating arthritis is mostly centered on pain management. This can include the use of heating pads as well as a variety of stretches to help keep motion range and flexibility during the winter months. It is also recommended to eat a healthy diet while maintaining proper weight management. Exercise is also a key component, even during these winter months. Arthritis treatment depends on the specified type and individual factors. Pain management may require regular doctor visits, especially during the winter season.