Building a Healthy Community

Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc.
1448 10th Ave Suite 100
Huntington, WV 25701
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We recognize health care as a basic right, and it is our belief that all people are entitled to it.

Community Outreach Programs

Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc. (EMO) started as an outreach of Ebenezer United Methodist church in 1986. In the early days, EMO served primarily African Americans. However, today African Americans only comprise 13% of the total patient population. In an effort to remain true to the original purpose of the clinic we have developed several outreach programs aimed at eliminating health disparities in the African American community.

Although the original purpose of the outreach programs was to serve African Americans, all ethnic groups are welcomed and participate in these programs. The following outreach programs were developed to address some of the health issues: 

Save Our Sisters (S.O.S.)

Save Our Sister is a women’s health program that focuses on educating women about the importance of early detection of cancer. This outreach effort targets breast, cervical and ovarian cancer.

  • Women’s Health Awareness and Education
  • Female volunteers of all ages
  • Monthly meetings
  • Quarterly events open to public

My Brother’s Keeper (M.B.K.)

My Brother’s Keeper is a men’s health outreach that provides education to men regarding the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. Other men’s health issues such as colorectal cancer are included.

  • Men’s Health Awareness and Education
  • Male volunteers of all ages
  • Monthly meetings
  • Events open to public

CRUSAIDS (Concerned Residents United to Stop AIDS)

CRUSAIDS is a HIV/AIDS education and prevention program. Its aim is to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS through testing, distribution of risk reduction materials, special events and educational presentations.

  • HIV & AIDS Prevention and Awareness Program
  • Public HIV Testing Events
  • Strictly Confidential
  • Cabell-Huntington Public Health Department
  • WVDHHR Funding
    • Bureau of Public Health Office of Epidemiology & Prevention Sciences

Community Garden Project

The city of Huntington has many health risks including, but not limited to, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, illegal substance abuse, and drug-related infections. Some of the underlying causes of many chronic illnesses have been identified as low-income status, lack of education, and inaccessibility to fresh produce mainly due to cost and availability.

The community garden will serve as an opportunity to educate the community about sustainable living, healthy eating habits, and nutrition and to plant the sense of community ownership and social responsibilities. We hope that the community garden project will be the first step of many in providing fresh produce for the community members and promoting better health for all generations.

  • Awareness and Educational Program
  • Partnership with Marshall U. Dietetics Program
  • Healthy and clean eating habits
  • Free Fresh Produce