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Ebenezer Medical Outreach Holiday Health and CheerThe holiday season is a time normally spent with family and friends, but over the past year many have opted to stay home and start different traditions. This year as the Omicron variant reminds many how COVID is still part of our day to day life, families may once again make the decision to skip the large gatherings. Whether it is guarding against the Omicron or the annual flu this winter season, a few safety tips can ensure we head into the New Year healthy and merry.

First, the safest and most reliable measure is to practice preventative medicine. Be sure to stay up to date on your vaccine, booster, and flu shots. Many clinics and pharmacies offer free vaccines and flu shots throughout the winter months. These shots can imitate a virus with minimal side effects. However, it is leaving the body with memory cells. Thereby, the body has a naturally created line of defense. These vaccines do need time after introduction to develop and work in a human’s immune system.

Vaccines and flu shots are just one method of defense. Over the last year, one imperative way to fight germs has been the practice of wearing a mask. This is still a great way to protect one’s self. Even today, masks are highly recommended when visiting public spaces like airports. These large concentrated areas are usually a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Masks help limit the breathing in germs. They also provide great protection to keep one from touching their face especially the nostrils and mouth area. These are simple and effective ways to reduce the transmission of contagious diseases and bacteria.

The main thing when celebrating the holiday season this year is to do what you think is best. Find a boundary where you are comfortable, and stick with it. Just because you may have traveled in the years before doesn’t mean you have to leave home this year. It is okay to settle in and enjoy a quiet season as compared to the routine hustle and bustle experienced in past years.

Technology has given us many ways to connect virtually in the comfort of our homes. We can connect online via messenger and video apps such as FaceTime or Skype. No matter your preference, one big advantage available this year is COVID rapid testing availability. If symptoms begin to appear, these tests can be purchased conveniently at local drugstores and supermarkets.

At Ebenezer Medical Outreach, it is our greatest wish to all families to enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season. We want to take this time to wish everyone a season of peace and good health as we head into a New Year.