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Testimonial Otto PoolOtto Turner knew he needed a lifestyle change, but he also desired to make the change within himself. Two days after praying to God for help, he got an answer. The fresh start to physical fitness is only the beginning to Turner’s journey.

“Without Ebenezer, I would be dead. They have helped me with my medication through their pharmacy. My nurse practitioner genuinely cares about me. The receptionist cares about me. It is a blessing to have,” Turner stated.

He explains, “At that time when I first started, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit… I was so depressed. I couldn’t put my socks on because I couldn’t bend, I couldn’t reach. I can do those things now, in two minutes.”

Turner credits Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc. and the Huntington YMCA for his success, but they can’t take all the credit. It’s truly been the result of Turner’s hard work and dedication since joining the “Fit on 10th” program.

The “Fit on 10th” is a partnership collaboration between the YMCA to give Ebenezer’s patients free memberships to the “Y.” It is the hope to break down barriers to encourage physical fitness and create healthier lifestyles for the patients. Not only has the program created a better future for Turner, it has provided some unforeseen encouraging benefits.

“The biggest thing is the people I have met there. It’s given me some new friends. We talk every day,” Turner states. “It’s our little swim group, everybody just marvels when they look over and see me in the swim lane. I give God all the credit.”

Turner is active in a daily ritual of swimming. He accredits this activity to his weight loss success. He has become a ‘regular’ at the Y. He only has one absence since beginning this journey in September.

“I’ve only missed one day in three and half months. When it snows or it was ice, I was there. I disciplined myself every day to do that,” he said. “When I started to swim, I could only go half of the length. Now, I swim 88 laps, every day. I can go and go. This program has helped me to do that.”

“Fit on 10th” is still enrolling Ebenezer patients. If you are interested. To participate in the program, you must be a patient at Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc. To schedule an appointment with Ebenezer, call 304-529-0753. You can visit the Huntington YMCA at 935 10th Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia.