Putting Together the Pieces for Good Health
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We recognize health care as a basic right, and it is our belief that all people are entitled to it.

April Ziegler knew the time had come to practice preventative medicine. After finding out her A1C levels were elevated, Ziegler made the choice to be proactive. She enrolled in Ebenezer Medical Outreach’s partner program with the YMCA, “Fit On 10th,” and began on a new journey towards health and wellness.

“I started out with learning my A1C levels were high. With the help from the classes at the Y and the membership from Ebenezer, I was able to get my numbers down. First, I lost 10 pounds. I had to get under a certain weight,” Ziegler said.

An A1C test can help determine blood sugar levels and is often an indicator for pre-diabetes risk. The Huntington YMCA, located off 10th Avenue, has provided classes to interested members to help them with proper guidance and nutrition centered on creating lowering the risk for diabetes. For Ziegler, the education combined with the added benefits of having a gym membership has provided a better foundation to a healthier life.

“The ‘Fit on 10th’ has helped me with fitness. I am toning up, exercising, and will go swimming to loosen up my muscles. The classes have helped me with my nutrition. They let you know what to eat, how much, and the different intake levels you can have with certain foods,” she said.
She continued, “I do weight lifting also. I watch my bread intake, and starches. Starches can cause your AIC to go off. I try to go swimming a few times a week, and the classes are on Tuesday night.”

Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc. has strived to help their patients through the connection of local partnerships such as the YMCA. Ziegler is another example of community resources combining to create a healthier Tri-State.

“My friends would love to go to these classes. Having the gym membership throughout the winter months helped because I could workout inside 4-6 times a month. With the weather changing, I know I’ll be spending more time outside.”

“I have made friendships through the program. I really enjoy the classes, and the people around me are a good support system. I’ve made friends and we want to start walking together once the weather gets nicer,” Ziegler said.

The “Fit on 10th” initiative can only be as successful as the patient’s effort and desire to succeed. Ziegler found her determination to prevent further health related issues through regular exercise and nutritional guidance.

“Fit on 10th” is still enrolling Ebenezer patients. To participate in the program, you must be a patient at Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc. To schedule an appointment with EMO, call 304-529-0753. You can visit the Huntington YMCA at 935 10th Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia.