PostHeaderIcon 2011 Karen B. Mulloy Volunteer of the Year Awardee

2011 Volunteer of the YearWhen trying to decide who would be the Volunteer of the Year it was a no brainer to select Marty and Jane Edelen. Their tireless dedication to Huntington’s Kitchen is evident to anyone who knows anything about the Kitchen. Marty and Jane do not just volunteer their time, but their resources. If the Kitchen needs something rather than making a request that we purchase it, Marty and Jane buy it and bring it in. They do what they do because they are caring individuals who truly desire to give back to their community.

Prior to moving to WV in 1987 they both volunteered for various fundraisers at their church in Louisville, KY. Marty became involved with Habitat for Humanity soon after moving to Huntington and Jane was SUPER involved in PTA at both the local school and state level while her children were in elementary school. They also ran the concession stand for Barboursville little league. After retiring from Habitat Jane began looking for a new volunteer project. Huntington’s Kitchen had a request for volunteers in the paper. Jane responded and the rest is history.

Andrea Leffingwell, Kitchen Manager had this to say about Marty and Jane, “In February 2010 when I came to the Kitchen to take on this exciting challenge, the best advice given to me was from my daughter, Jill. She said ‘Mom, whatever you do, make it a priority to keep Jane and Marty Edelen on your team.’ I could not keep the momentum going weekly without them. They host events, wash the dishes and bring in the ice. Jane does community presentations and teaches class. Marty works as our constant maintenance man. They recently went on vacation and we truly felt the pain of their absence! There is no way I could pay them or thank them enough for their volunteerism! I love them both dearly.”

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