Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc. Tax credit available

Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc. has $5,000 tax credits available from the WV Neighborhood Investment Program. 

Tax credits differ from tax deductions.  Individuals and businesses who contribute to NIP organizations are eligible to receive up to 50% of the contributed amount in the form of West Virginia state tax credits.  Donors may use the credits to reduce West Virginia personal income tax and West Virginia corporate net income tax.  The amount of the credit received reduces the contribution deduction at the Federal level if the donor is itemizing his/her deductions.  The minimum contribution is $500, for which the contributor receives $250 in tax credit; for the contribution of $1,000 a contributor receives $500 in tax credits and so forth.  Those interested may contact the office at 304-529-0753. 

Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc. provides medical services for uninsured, underinsured and insured individuals.

For more information please contact Ebenezer Medical Outreach at 529-0753 ext. 107.

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